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View more photos and learn more about this sculpture here


Meet Winter Saga! This mare was originally released as a micro but it's now back as a cast resin in large SM scale. This is a one mold run of ~50, and is sold on a first come, first serve basis.


Please keep in mind that this is a pre-order and it may take a few months for all the resins to be cast and shipped out. The mold is already being made and casts will be made to order.


Be sure to select the correct shipping method. Orders in North America (USA and Canada) will ship from the caster, orders outside of North America (EU, UK, etc.) will first ship to the studio in the Netherlands in bulk and then ship out from here. So if you are ordering internationally, please keep that in mind - there may be a longer wait!


  • Large Stablemate scale cast resin Dolahest mare
  • Molded and cast in high-quality white resin by Red Shed Resins
  • Wire reinforcements


Important Note - If your order contains items other than Winter Saga (such as enamel pins), your other items will ship from the studio, therefore you may be charged extra shipping.

Winter Saga - Dolahest mare resin

  • There are two payment options for this release - Paid In Full (PIF) or via Time Payments. If you pay via time payments, please read this entire section!

    By paying this $50 deposit, you will enter a 6-month time payment plan to purchase this resin. Please read my Policies page regarding my time payment policies. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE! After you pay the deposit, you will receive a Paypal pay-when-you-want invoice for the remaining balance due exactly 6 months from the date that you paid the deposit.

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