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winter saga

resin dole mare

Based on the Norwegian Dølehest horse, this is the modified version of Saga, sculpted for Laura Brown of Muddy Raven Studios in 2022. In December of that year, following our agreed-upon contract, I released the Winter Saga version in micro scale. The modified sculpture has a different headset, resculpted mane, and other small modifications. After the release of the micro, a large Stablemate scale resin cast version was produced in spring of 2024. See the original Saga here.


resin information

Produced in 2024

Resin cast by Red Shed Resins

Large Stablemate scale

Priced at $90 per copy


Limited edition of ~50


Photos show master copy in gray primer

micro information

Produced in 2022

3D printed in gray resin via Form3 SLA printer

Priced at $20 per copy

Open edition from December 12th to December 31st, 2022

Micros are now sold out

Photos show 3D printed micro with sanding on of support nubs

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