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about the artist

My name is Leah Peretz and I have been a model horse fanatic since I was very young. Like many in the hobby, I had a carpet herd that eventually grew into a full-blown collection. When I got older I sold my childhood models and discovered a side of the hobby I hadn't yet known about: showing, customizing, and resins. My interest in all of these is still strong and I have been happily collecting and showing for some years now. It is in more recent years that I have been determined and inspired to share my own creations into the hobby. That brought on the creation of Canyon Spring Studio. I hope to continue to grow in my abilities and share them with the community through my original sculptures and painted model horses. 

Though I was born and raised in the US, I now happily reside with my partner in crime and our two cats in the Netherlands. 

about the process

My original sculptures are created digitally using a program called Zbrush. Each one starts as a ball of virtual clay that is carefully shaped into a horse. After the digital sculpting part is done, the 3D model is exported 3D printed, bringing the model into physical existence. Thanks to today's more advanced 3D printing technologies, many 3D prints are ready for paint after light sanding and a coat of primer. Micro minis of my models are produced via 3D printing and sent to customers just like that. For larger scales, I refine my print and send it off to a casting company for mold making.

Enlarge the images below by clicking on them to see explanations of each step of the process.

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