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payment policies

I accept payment primarily via Paypal, however, under certain circumstances I am happy to accept alternative forms of payment and time payments. If you require alternative forms of payment, please email me directly at to work something out. I can accept money orders, checks, or bank transfers if you are within the EU. Money orders and checks will need to be received and cashed before your order will be sent. Because I no longer live in the US, money orders and checks will be received by my family in North Dakota. The money order or check will need to be made out to one of my trusted family members, which I will discuss with you when working out payment. You can also pay via credit card using Paypal even if you don't have a Paypal account.

If you require time payments, I use Paypal's "pay when you want" invoice feature. An invoice will be sent to you that you can pay off at your own pace with your own chosen amounts. The only requirement is that it is paid off within 6 months. The 6 month period will begin upon the date that I send you the invoice. Exactly 6 months from that date will be the deadline. If you cannot finish your time payments and inform me before the deadline passes, I will refund your payments in full. If you do not complete your time payments by the deadline and do not communicate with me, any money you have already sent is therefore forfeit. I will attempt to communicate with you a reasonable amount of time before the deadline passes - a lack of response means your order will be canceled. By entering time payments with me you are agreeing to these terms.

sculpture policies

Resin casts received from my studio are allowed to be painted, resculpted, or otherwise altered without any limitations. Any model, in original state or altered, are NOT allowed to be reproduced (scanned, molded, or cast) under any circumstances.

For shipping of orders - if you receive a broken model or if a box goes missing, please reach out to me about it so I can get it sorted! I want you to have your ponies, so if they arrive in any other condition but intact or do not arrive at all, I will do what I can to make it right. For micros, I will send a replacement or a full refund. For larger resins I may ask for the return of the resin and send out a replacement or send a partial refund - this is up to you. Of course, you must have proof of the damage or proof of the box going missing (though I watch all tracking for boxes I send out closely, I tend to reach out about boxes that seem missing before the buyer reaches out to me). In short, if you are not satisfied with what you received (or did not receive), please email me and I'll get on it right away!

paintwork policies

If you own a horse painted by me and it becomes damaged, you are more than welcome to find a repair artist of your choosing without needing my permission to restore the piece. I do not currently offer repairs on my pieces. I would prefer if paintwork completed by me is not altered in any way by a secondary artist (ex., taking a horse I painted and adding pinto markings over the top) - however, I am fine with my pieces being stripped or completely painted over - no permission needed.

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