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Celebrate new beginnings with Cider and Fizz, a draft mare and foal set cast in resin. They are large Stablemate (1:32) scale and are comparable in size to resins such as Ginger and Fred by Josine Vingerling or Finnegan by Stacey Tumlinson. They will be cast in white resin with legs and tail reinforced with metal wires. The pair was molded and cast by Horse and Bird Studio and micros were printed on a Form3 SLA printer at the studio in the Netherlands.


Cider & Fizz

draft mare and foal

production information

2021 original sculptures
1:32 (large Stablemate scale) heavy draft mare & foal
Cast by Horse And Bird Studios in white resin with wire reinforcements

Was also available in 3D printed micro mini

Open edition through December 31, 2021

Priced at $20 per mare, $10 per foal

One mold run, final total of 58 each produced

Both are SOLD OUT and the run is complete. Prices are left for reference only.

Cider & Fizz set
$100 each + shipping

Cider (mare) only

$70 each + shipping

Fizz (colt) only

$30 each + shipping

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