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This gentleman is sure to turn some heads when he enters the dressage ring. "Oriole" is a flashy warmblood gelding performing an extended trot. His tail is flowing and mane is neatly braided. He is large Stablemate (1:32) scale and can be seen next to other models to compare in a photo below. He is cast in white resin with legs and tail reinforced with metal wires. He comes with a simple, removable base that a peg on the front left hoof rests in. The back right hoof will also rest in an indentation on the base for stability - it is meant to be slightly coming up in the back as the hoof prepares to lift off the ground, so it is not flat against the base intentionally.



warmblood gelding

production information

2020 original sculpture

1:32 (large Stablemate scale) warmblood gelding

Cast by Jolt Studios in white resin with wire reinforcements. 

Check out the Jolt Studios Facebook Page for a behind-the-scenes look at his molding and casting.

One mold edition of ~30

Mold is retired

Priced at $75 per cast

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