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sport horse gelding

With a listening ear and a willing attitude, this sport-type gelding is happy to take you around the course and give you his all. Hugo is a horse with a calm demeanor but can have some pep in his step if you ask it of him. He has both a tidy, loose mane and tail version and a braided mane and tail version. Whichever you choose, he is sure to turn some heads in the arena - and in the barn, he's sure to steal your heart!

DSC_0558 copy.png

resin information

Produced in 2022

3D printed in gray resin via Form3 SLA printer

Micro mini (1:64) scale

Both loose and braided mane versions available in micro

Priced at $25 per copy

Open edition for 2022 - now closed

Photos show 3D printed micros with sanding on of support nubs

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