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This gal isn't feeling up to any shenanigans today and she's not afraid to show it. "Magpie" is a grumpy thoroughbred broodmare acting all too typical for a less-than-pleased-to-see-you mare. She is Stablemate scale at just a little bit smaller than a Breyer Stablemate. Magpie is cast in white resin with legs and tail reinforced with steel wires. 

production information

Magpie is currently unavailable to order. She has been molded and is cast by Resins by Randy. At the moment, I am suspending orders. If you're interested in a Magpie you can privately inquire and you may be able to purchase a cast with a few months+ wait.

2019 original sculpture
1:32 (small Stablemate scale) broodmare
Cast by Resins by Randy in white resin with wire reinforcements
Price is $65 per cast

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