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The mare keeping a watchful eye and keen ear, the little filly taking in her new surroundings with curiosity and a bit of shyness. Who doesn't love a mare and foal pair? Lisse, a Friesian mare, and Madelief, her adorable filly, are new original sculptures for 2023. This iconic breed comes from the Netherlands, where this studio is based. One of the most notable towns of the country is Lisse, home to beautiful tulip fields and the well-loved Keukenhof Gardens. Madelief is her little flower - a name meaning Daisy in Dutch.


Lisse & Madelief

friesian mare and foal

production information

2023 original sculptures
1:32 (large Stablemate scale) friesian mare & foal
Cast by Shetland Casting (Horse and Bird) in white resin with wire reinforcements

Time-based limited edition

Open for the month of July 2023

Sold as set only

Lisse & Madelief Set


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