heavy draft stallion

What a handsome gentleman! Barley is a well-behaved and well-muscled man. He's big, broad, and happy to show off his rugged looks and long hair. Is he all brawn or does he have some brain in there, too? Well, you'll have to decide that for yourself. Regardless, he sure is a looker! Add him to your collection if you fancy.


resin information

Produced in 2022

Resin cast in white polyurethane resin w/ wire reinforcements

Cast by Horse and Bird

Large Stablemate (1:32) scale

Priced at $80 per copy

One mold run of approx. ~60 pieces

Batch #1 sold out, batch #2 (final batch) available now

Photos show master sculpture in gray primer

micro information

Produced in 2022

3D printed in gray resin via Form3 SLA printer

Micro mini (1:64) scale

Priced at $25 per copy

Open edition for 2022

Photos show 3D printed micro with sanding of support nubs